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youth group is for any one of secondary school age


Who are we?

The Youth Group is for anyone S1 to S6 who wants to meet other young Christians, talk, play games, quizzes, watch films and learn more about Jesus. Morag Angus is the hostess and we have occasional visiting speakers or leaders.

What do we do?

Games, DVD, discussion, quizzes, music, art, New Life service afterwards, eat Pizza - maybe in the future raise some money and also have some social outings - it's up to you! Some of us go to Powerpoint in Edinburgh, to Scripture Union Camps and will be going to Frenzy in June. You can come to any or all of it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the start of our new session and below you will see the meeting dates for the series till the summer. Stuff might change if necessary but I will keep you up to date with any changes as we go. Till further notice, come to my house at 2 South Loanhead for 5.30pm each time.

Where do we meet?

The Gellet Hall beside Limekilns Church.

When do we meet?

5.30pm till 7pm on the first Sunday of most months.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at the start of our new session.

2015 schedule

  • I haven't been given a scedule for 2015

We will have the usual mix of games, quizzes, discussion/ bible study surrounding our visitors as well as a snack. If you want other activities or outings, come and tell me. Call me if you want to know about any particular week, especially if you can bring a friend, which you can do to any of our sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you, Morag (call me on 01383 873252 if you want to know more).

Scripture Union's weekends and holidays are another good place to meet other young people with an interest in fun and the bible - try www.suscotland.org.uk

How do I join in?

Just come along - bring a friend if you like; it doesn't matter if you usually come to church or not. If you want to ask a bit more call Morag on 873252 and she will answer any questions or get one of the group to call you and give you their comments or arrange to meet up and come along together.

Looking forward to seeing you, Morag (call me on 873252 if you want to know more).