. · • Limekilns Parish Church - Worship Group • · .

The Worship Group currently consists of...

  • † Hugh Angus
  • † Norman Grant
  • † Alexandra Logan
  • † Marcia McDougall
  • † Elaine Souter
  • † Charlie Stoddart

Our Aim...

Our aim is to have church worship that is comfortable and meaningful for everybody regardless of age or background (a tall order!)

In order to do this appropriately, we need feedback from the congregation.

What the Worship Group does...

  • † Liaise with Norman and the congregation
  • † Co-ordinate elder/workgroup/congregation led services and encouraging people to use their talents by participating
  • † Organising special services e.g. at Christmas and Easter
  • † Organising people to read every Sunday
  • † Liaise with Cairneyhill on All Age Worship services
  • † Acting as the barometer for members' views of Worship
  • † The Musical Director is on the Worship Group which shows the importance of music within our planning
  • † Working with Lighthouse leaders to ensure Worship is meaningful for the children