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The advice and tips on this page

Most of the advice offered on this page is, amongst other reasons, a result of problems I have seen on people's computers, mistakes people have made in normal use of their PCs and things people have done in response to scammers.

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These tips are here for your benefit. If you want to pass them on to others, please do.

For quick tips and advice, go to the top of this page and click the refresh button on the browser, and the tip will change to a new one. There is also a lot of useful information further down the page, and, I have also written articles for the Village Link Magazine which are available on below. Most of the information in these articles is still relevant today.

The truth about dodgy phone calls

People who cold call you will always try to convince you something bad is imminent, because they don't want you to have time to do any checks.

Under no circumstances should you ever allow anyone you don't know and trust, to have remote access to your computer

what's new?

I'll add informaiton about new threats as I get them.

What I have seen most often recently are machines with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of infections. These are not necessarily viruses, but they will cause problems with your machine which may not become apparent for months after you have brought in the first suspect file.