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Traidcraft was a pioneer of fair trade in the UK and is the leading Christian organisation dedicated to using trade to fight poverty. It provides a simple and effective way to respond to Jesus' command to love God and serve the world.

There has been a Traidcraft stall at Limekilns Church for more than a quarter of a century. Very soon after Traidcraft was established in 1979, Jane Bryant realised that Fair Trade should be the concern of Christians everywhere, and particularly here in the parish of Limekilns.

Traidcraft was established by a group of young Christians, some of whom had trained for Ministry and some of whom were intending to enter the world of business. They realised that the world trading system was part of the reason why many people in developing countries remained poor. They set up Traidcraft as a practical response to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"My children, our love is not just to be words or mere talk, but something real and active"

1 John 3:18
Traidcraft stall at Limekilns Parish church Limekilns church Traidcraft Stall

Traidcraft fights poverty in three ways:

  • † By trading directly with them, Traidcraft helps poor producers work their way out of poverty
  • † By developing producers' skills and their knowledge, Traidcraft helps them achieve their God-given potential
  • † By influencing those who practice and govern trade Traidcraft creates new opportunities for the poor

Fair Trade is not about charity, but about the fair exchange of goods for money. It's about giving people the dignity of working their way out of poverty, providing opportunity and hope for the future. Traidcraft demands justice for the poor, and relies heavily on the support of the Christian community in its mission of fighting poverty through trade.

In a world of plenty, the inequalities of world trade which keep so many of God's children trapped in grinding poverty are an affront to his goodness and his justice.

Jesus' call to love our neighbour as we love ourselves demands a response from us. We must act!

Every time you buy a Traidcraft product or support Traidcraft Exchange (its associated charity) you help people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to work their way out of poverty. It's a simple, practical step that is helping improve the lives of millions of people.

With increasing success has come increasing competition and there is a danger that our prophetic voice will be lost without the continued support of Christians.

"What's the use of saying you have faith if you don't prove it by your actions?"

James 2:14

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If you want to know more about Traidcraft in our church, speak to Sue Hamilton.