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Looking for somewhere to go for a cup of tea and some excellent home-baking? Well, look no further!

Limekilns Church tea room is re-opening on Wednesday 2nd March, from 2pm till 4pm.

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Gellet halls entrance
The Gellet Halls entrance

When three Limekilns ladies set off on a visit to Dunfermline one Wednesday morning in May 2002, who could have foretold that by the end of that brief drive they would be embarking on a journey that, many years later has seen them raise tens of thousands of pounds for Limekilns Parish Church?

The ladies, Sheena Davies, Jennifer Lindsay and Jean MacKenzie, had been discussing the fact there was nowhere to go for a cup of tea in the village. "The best place we have visited on our trip" They decided that they could remedy that and maybe make a bit of money for the church too. When would they start? Well the next Wednesday seemed like a good idea, so that's what they did. They donned their aprons, lit their ovens and baked and baked and baked. Sheena and Jennifer enlisted their husbands, Phil and Craig to help with the heavy work

Gellet halls location
Gellet halls from Church Lane

At the beginning only one of the Gellet Halls was used, the larger one, and the three women did everything by themselves. They took £31.26 the first week and were absolutely delighted. They were in profit.

"Thank you for a delicious tea and great welcome"

Gradually more people started to help and to bake. There were gifts of beautiful china tea sets and embroidered tablecloths. Charity shops were scoured for metal tea pots. Jean, an exceptional needlewoman, made six aprons for the duty staff to wear. Word of the tea room spread and it became more and more popular.

Inside the Limekilns church tearoom
Limekilns Church tearoom
"A most welcome cup of tea and delicious baking in such a happy place"

Today the tea room has an army of dedicated people who regularly and willingly give their time to help it happen. It's not possible to name everyone, but here is an idea of what it takes to give you a cuppa and a slice of cake in pleasant surroundings each Wednesday afternoon.

"We have rarely been made to feel so welcome"

The Limekilns Parish Church tea-Room is open from 2pm - 4pm every Wednesday from February to December. Come along and see what everyone is talking about.

"We were strangers and you took us in. Lovely welcome and gorgeous tea"

The tea-room ladies are always grateful for donations of ingredients, mainly from members of the church, but anyone can donate if they feel inspired to do so. If you feel like dropping something off for the tea room, please leave it at the church or the church office. Thank you!