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This page holds the sermons from this year and last year. Should you want to listen to a sermon from a previous year, you can still get those on the Archive page, which goes back to 2008


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  • N G is Norman Grant

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Missing Sermons

There are one or two dates which are missing from the list. Mostly this is because on certain weeks, the service took on a different format, e.g. Children lead service or other special services.

2018 Sermons - most recent sermon is first

Date Subject Name Listen
21/01/18 New Beginnings: Jesus and his disciples N G listen
14/01/18 New Beginnings: John and Jesus N G listen
07/01/18 New Year - Seven days in... N G listen

2017 Sermons - most recent sermon is first

Date Subject Name Listen
31/12/17 Looking Back and Looking Forward N/A listen
24/12/17 The Songs of Christmas: Hymns & Carols - The Songs we Sing N G listen
17/12/17 Nine Lessons and Carol Service N/A listen
17/12/17 The Songs of Christmas: Nunc Dimittis - The Song of Simeon N G listen
10/12/17 The Songs of Christmas: Magnificat - The Song of Mary N G listen
03/12/17 The Songs of Christmas: Benedictus - The Song of Zechariah N G listen
26/11/17 The Kingdom of God: The coming of the Son of Man N G listen
19/11/17 The Kingdom of God: Using God's gifts N G listen
12/11/17 Remembrance Sunday N G listen
29/10/17 Ambassador in Chains R N listen
22/10/17 Living in the world: God and Caesar N G listen
15/10/17 Imitators of God R N listen
08/10/17 Playing One's Part R N listen
01/10/17 Faith in Works L S listen
24/09/17 The Earth is the Lord's: Stewardship of the Earth N G listen
17/09/17 The Earth is the Lord's: Jesus: Saviour of the World N G listen
10/09/17 The Earth is the Lord's: God as Creator N G listen
03/09/17 Stepping out in Faith 4: Following Jesus N G listen
27/08/17 Stepping out in Faith 1: Faith and Words N G listen
20/08/17 Stepping out in Faith 2: Persistence (recording failed) N G N/A
13/08/17 Stepping out in Faith 1: Keep your eyes on Jesus N G listen
06/08/17 Holiday Club N/A
30/07/17 Who do you think you are? N G listen
23/07/17 The Indwelling Christ R N listen
16/07/17 No Longer Strangers R N listen
09/07/17 Thanking - A Proper Response to Life R N listen
02/07/17 A Real God for a Real World: Holy Spirit - The Go Between N G listen
25/06/17 A Real God for a Real World: Jesus - God With Us N G listen
18/06/17 A Real God for a Real World: A Loving Father N G listen
11/06/17 We believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit N G listen
04/06/17 Pentecost: The Birth of the Church N G listen
28/05/17 The disciples waiting and preparing for Pentecost N G listen
21/05/17 People of the Resurrection: Peter N G listen
14/05/17 People of the Resurrection: Fishermen N G listen
07/05/17 Jesus and Cleopas - Despair Transformed R N listen
30/04/17 People of the Resurrection: Mary Magdalene N G listen
23/04/17 People of the Resurrection: Thomas N G listen
16/04/17 Easter Sunday N G listen
09/04/17 Our Coming King L S listen
02/04/17 Faith, Works & Fair Trade: Fair Trade and Making Things Right N G listen
26/03/17 Faith, Works and Fair Trade: Good Works N G listen
19/03/17 Faith, Works & Fair Trade: Righteousness and Justice N G listen
12/03/17 Faith, Works & Fair Trade: Faith and Salvation N G listen
05/03/17 You are the light of the world, you are the salt of the earth N G listen
26/02/17 The Church: Everywhere and Always N G listen
19/02/17 The Church: Where we are, what we do N G listen
12/02/17 The Church: Time, Talent and Money N G listen
05/02/17 The Importance of: Holy Scripture & Prayer R N listen
29/01/17 The Church: Gathering for Worship N G listen
22/01/17 The Church, One God: Father, Son & Holy Spirit N G listen
15/01/17 N/A N G N/A
08/01/17 Jesus' baptism and our baptism N G listen
01/01/17 A New Day and a New Year N G listen

Further Information

It has been noted that the sermons do not play properly on some MP3 players.

I have tried playing them on two of my MP3 players and whilst one is OK, there are issues when using my Creative Zen player. The sermons are saved in MP3 format and are reduced from 128kbps to 24kbps to reduce the files size for the internet. For some reason, this makes them play slow on some players. If you experience this, or, if someone you know doesn't have internet access but would like to hear the sermons or talks, I would be happy to copy them to CD or supply copies at a higher bit rate. Just