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In case you missed a service for any reason, you can listen to a recording of complete services via these links, 2021, 2020.
You can also listen to the readings and the sermon from 2019, 2018 and 2017, and hear what Norman was saying a few years ago on the archive page; I may add further years depending on the response?
All recordings are in chronological order.

2021 Services - most recent recording is first

Speakers for 2021:

Date Subject Name Listen
28/02/21 Prayers of Jesus: The Lord's Prayer N G listen
21/02/21 Thinking / Founder's Day N G listen
14/02/21 Poverty and Love in action J F listen
07/02/21 When I'm Tired and Weary N G listen
31/01/21 Real strength in love N G listen
24/01/21 Pride and Prejudice N G listen
17/01/21 One Church, One Faith, One Lord N G listen
10/01/21 In times of trouble N G listen
03/01/21 New Year: Back to the Future N G listen

2020 Services - most recent recording is first - Skip to top of page

Speakers for 2020:

Date Subject Name Listen
27/12/20 Unexpected Jesus: Unexpected Return N G listen
20/12/20 Advent Study 4 - Unexpected Jesus: Nativity Nonsense N G listen
13/12/20 Advent Study 3 - Unexpected Jesus: Unexpected Encounters N G listen
06/12/20 Advent Study 2 - Unexpected Jesus: Unexpected Arrival N G listen
29/11/20 Advent Study 1 - Unexpected Jesus: Great Expectations N G listen
22/11/20 The Lord is King: Living as servants of the Servant King N G listen
15/11/20 The Gifts of God: Use it, or lose it! N G listen
08/11/20 Remembrance Sunday: Looking back and looking forward N G listen
01/11/20 Pride or Humility - Words and Actions N G listen
25/10/20 Wedding Invitation: RSVP N G listen
18/10/20 Norman was away - no service N/A N/A
11/10/20 Norman was away - no service N/A N/A
04/10/20 Harvest Thanksgiving N G listen
27/09/20 Care for Creation: The Earth is the Lord's N G listen
20/09/20 Discipleship: An invitation to the Lord's Table N G listen
13/09/20 Discipleship: Accepting each other N G listen
06/09/20 Discipleship: Living Love N G listen
30/08/20 Discipleship: The Cost N G listen
23/08/20 No recording this week N/A N/A
16/08/20 The Supremacy of Love N G listen
09/08/20 Living in Hope N G listen
02/08/20 Faith, Hope and Love: Faith N G listen
26/07/20 All things work for good? N G listen
19/07/20 Lead me in the way everlasting N G listen
12/07/20 From Death to Life N G listen
05/07/20 Learning from the Past N G listen
28/06/20 Journeying with Jesus N G listen
21/06/20 Proclaiming the Lord's death until he comes N G listen
14/06/20 Looking Forward: equality under God N G listen
07/06/20 Trinity N G listen
31/05/20 Pentecost N G listen
24/05/20 Save us from the time of trial S M listen
17/05/20 Faith and Discipleship N G listen
10/05/20 Faith and Eternal Life N G listen
06/05/20 Messy Church: The Mustard Seed N G listen
03/05/20 Faith and Life N G listen
26/04/20 Faith and Doubt: part two N G listen
19/04/20 Faith and Doubt: part one N G listen

Easter services and a series of short, daily meditations for Holy Week.

Date Subject Name Listen
12/04/20 Holy Week - Easter Sunday; The Resurrection N G listen
10/04/20 Holy Week - Friday Meditation; Good Friday Communion N G listen
09/04/20 Holy Week - Thursday Meditation; The Last Supper N G listen
08/04/20 Holy Week - Wednesday Meditation; Jesus Anointed at Bethany N G listen
07/04/20 Holy Week - Tuesday Meditation; The Greatest Commandment N G listen
06/04/20 Holy Week - Monday Meditation; Jesus Clears the Temple N G listen

Services are disrupted because of the shutdown

Date Subject Name Listen
05/04/20 Palm Sunday N G listen
29/03/20 Where the Lost Things Go N G listen
22/03/20 4th Sunday in Lent: Being Lost and Being Found N G listen
Date Subject Name Listen
15/03/20 Where the Lost Things Go N G listen
08/03/20 A Faith that shows N G listen
01/03/20 Leap into Faith C S listen
23/02/20 Founder's day - Thinking day N G listen
16/02/20 Jesus and Eternity N G listen
09/02/20 The cost of Discipleship N G listen
02/02/20 Jesus and Forgiveness Elder led listen
26/01/20 The Call to Discipleship N G listen
19/01/20 Jesus and Temptation N G listen
12/01/20 A Voice Crying in the Wilderness N G listen
05/01/20 Facing the future - 20:20 vision N G listen