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In case you missed a service for any reason, you can listen to a recording of complete services from this and last year via the links below.

Additionally, there are links to the services and meditations Norman has recorded whilst we are out of the church building; see the links below.

Although the recordings have changed because of COVID-19, all recordings are still in chronological order with the latest one at the top.

Speakers for 2020 are:

  • N G is Norman Grant
  • C S is Charlie Stoddart
  • S M is Sandy Muirhead

2020 Services - most recent recording is first

Date Subject Name Listen
12/07/20 From Death to Life N G listen
05/07/20 Learning from the Past N G listen
28/06/20 Journeying with Jesus N G listen
21/06/20 Proclaiming the Lord's death until he comes N G listen
14/06/20 Looking Forward: equality under God N G listen
07/06/20 Trinity N G listen
31/05/20 Pentecost N G listen
24/05/20 Save us from the time of trial S M listen
17/05/20 Faith and Discipleship N G listen
10/05/20 Faith and Eternal Life N G listen
06/05/20 Messy Church: The Mustard Seed N G listen
03/05/20 Faith and Life N G listen
26/04/20 Faith and Doubt: part two N G listen
19/04/20 Faith and Doubt: part one N G listen

Easter services and a series of short, daily meditations for Holy Week.

Date Subject Name Listen
12/04/20 Holy Week - Easter Sunday; The Resurrection N G listen
10/04/20 Holy Week - Friday Meditation; Good Friday Communion N G listen
09/04/20 Holy Week - Thursday Meditation; The Last Supper N G listen
08/04/20 Holy Week - Wednesday Meditation; Jesus Anointed at Bethany N G listen
07/04/20 Holy Week - Tuesday Meditation; The Greatest Commandment N G listen
06/04/20 Holy Week - Monday Meditation; Jesus Clears the Temple N G listen

Services are disrupted because of the shutdown

Date Subject Name Listen
05/04/20 Palm Sunday N G listen
29/03/20 Where the Lost Things Go N G listen
22/03/20 4th Sunday in Lent: Being Lost and Being Found N G listen
Date Subject Name Listen
15/03/20 Where the Lost Things Go N G listen
08/03/20 A Faith that shows N G listen
01/03/20 Leap into Faith C S listen
23/02/20 Founder's day - Thinking day N G listen
16/02/20 Jesus and Eternity N G listen
09/02/20 The cost of Discipleship N G listen
02/02/20 Jesus and Forgiveness Elder led listen
26/01/20 The Call to Discipleship N G listen
19/01/20 Jesus and Temptation N G listen
12/01/20 A Voice Crying in the Wilderness N G listen
05/01/20 Facing the future - 20:20 vision N G listen

2019 Services - most recent recording is first

Speakers for 2019 were:

  • N G is Norman Grant
  • R N is Rodger Neilson
  • C S is Charlie Stoddart
  • L S is Laurence Smith
  • R D is Ruth Donaldson
  • G L is Graham Leitch
  • S M is Sandy Muirhead
Date Subject Name Listen
29/12/19 A Christmas Carol N G listen
24/12/19 Watchnight Service N G listen
22/12/19 Humbug and Happiness - part 4 N G listen
15/12/19 9 Lessons and Carols N G listen
15/12/19 Humbug and Happiness - part 3 N G listen
08/12/19 Humbug and Happiness - part 2 N G listen
01/12/19 Humbug and Happiness - part 1 N G listen
24/11/19 Your Kingdom Come N G listen
17/11/19 Traidcraft 40th Anniversay N G listen
10/11/19 Remembrance Sunday N G listen
03/11/19 Why on earth should we bother? S M listen
27/10/19 Be Prepared N G listen
20/10/19 A man in a muddle G L listen
13/10/19 Faith and Reward N G listen
06/10/19 Thank God for the Harvest N G listen
29/09/19 Rights and responsibilities N G listen
15/09/19 God made his light shine in our hearts N G listen
08/09/19 You are the Light of the World N G listen
01/09/19 I am the Light of the World N G listen
25/08/19 Walk in the Light N G listen
18/08/19 Let there be Light N G listen
11/08/19 Holiday Club N/A N/A
04/08/19 Who is Jesus? N G listen
28/07/19 Family Relationships R N listen
21/07/19 The Present Opportunity R N listen
14/07/19 Paul's Christianity R N listen
07/07/19 Sing to the Lord 3 N G listen
30/06/19 Sing to the Lord 2 N G listen
23/06/19 Sing to the Lord 1 N G listen
16/06/19 Trinity in Unity N G listen
09/06/19 Why Do We Come to Church? C S listen
02/06/19 Jesus: Ascended and Glorified N G listen
26/05/19 Wood Smoke and Baked Fish N G listen
19/05/19 The Proof of the Pudding N G listen
12/05/19 Hearing and listening N G listen
05/05/19 The Power of Touch N G listen
28/04/19 Seeing is believing; or is it? N G listen
21/04/19 Rumours of Resurrection N G listen
14/04/19 The Triumphal Entry N G listen
07/04/19 A Faith that Shows N G listen
31/03/19 Faith and Freedom R D listen
24/03/19 A Joy that Shows N G listen
10/03/19 A Love that Shows N G listen
03/03/19 Mountain Top to the Valley Below N G listen
24/02/19 Founder's And Thinking Day N G listen
17/02/19 The Sermon on the Plain N G listen
10/02/19 The Heart of the Gospel N G listen
03/02/19 Isn't this Joseph's son? N G listen
27/01/19 Thankfulness L S listen
20/01/19 Water into Wine N G listen
13/01/19 Jesus and John N G listen
06/01/19 Epiphany N G listen
New Life forgiveness George Alexander listen