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The Pastoral Care Workgroup meets about four times a year. We oversee a number of elements of Pastoral Care within our congregation. We could not do this without the willing participation of a multitude of folk who each do their 'bit'.

The group currently consists of:

  • † David Blane
  • † Margaret Cairns
  • † Sheena Davies
  • † June Edminson
  • † Sue Hamilton - Convenor
  • † Pat Oliver

Our responsibilities include but are not restricted to:

Flower List

  • A calendar is drawn up for people to donate flowers for the Communion Table each week. We co-ordinate with Pam Griffiths at the Kilns, who does most of the flower arranging.

Flower Delivery

  • There is a separate rota of individuals who, each week, deliver flowers to people who are ill, bereaved , or those who are celebrating.

Baptismal Aunts

  • For each baptism, a Baptismal Aunt becomes the church-link with the family, giving support and any assistance before, during and after the baptism, and maintaining contact with the child and family until the child is old enough to attend Lighthouse. She ensures that the family receive a tape of the service which has proved to be so welcomed by parents as a lasting memory and also the means whereby absent family members can share the in the occasion.

Baptismal Blessing Service

  • Each year, on the first Sunday in February, we organise a Baptismal Blessing Service to which all the babies Baptised during the previous year are invited. A special cake, with the names of all the babies on it, is served after the service.

Bereavement Follow-up

  • On the first anniversary of a funeral, a card is sent to the bereaved family.

Service and tea for less mobile folk

  • On the first Sunday in July, we arrange for the Sunday afternoon Communion Service to be at Limekilns Church instead of the Queen's Hall. Transport is arranged for those who need it, and afternoon tea is served after the service.

Visitors' Group

  • Convened by Pat Oliver. A number of housebound people are visited regularly; there are currently six people who benefit from this service.

CDs of the service

  • A number of individuals receive a CD of the service each week. Baptismal families get a recording of their service. Also, the weekly sermon is available on the web site.

Hospital Transport

  • Voluteer drivers can provide transport to hospital appointments.

Men's group

  • A group of men meet to play pool, drink tea, eat biscuits and enjoy each other's company on a Friday afternoon.

Visitor Christmas Cards

  • A Christmas card is sent to anyone who has signed the visitor's book throughout the year.