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messy church...

The next Messy Church service will be on April 30th starting, as usual at 4pm.
More on this...

tea room

The limekilns Church Tea Room is open from 2 until 4 every Wednesday.

Go here for more information about the Limekilns Church tea room.

Please remember that the tea-room needs donations of baking ingredients, so when you are shopping, why not buy an extra bag of flour or castor sugar, or any other baking ingredient and drop it off at the office for the tea-room?
Every little helps (other supermarkets are available - The Webmaster).

beware of dodgy phone calls or emails

I have had several phone calls from people claiming to be someone, or something, they are not. I had a nice chat with a man who claimed to be calling from Microsoft, another was from BT, yet another telling me there were lots issues with my PC. There have also been emails supposedly from sites we have bought from in the past.

Go to my page for information about people's latest attempts to part you from either your money, or you login details.

building work - updated, march 2017

For up-to-date information about the building work, please go to the building page.

sam reports...

If you would like to see the reports for the recent Stated Annual Meeting, you can download a copy via this link

village link magazine

The Summer 2017 edition of the Village Link is approaching fast. If you have anuythng you would like included in the esteemed tomb, you need to get it to Eileen by Wednesday, May 10th

For more information, or to download previous editions, go to The Village Link Page.

Remember though, if you have an interesting item you would like to have included in future editions, you can send it to at any time.

More information and downloads on The Village Link page.

prayer requests

If you have anything you would like the Prayer Group to pray about, you can at any time, or phone on: 872546.

N.B. All prayer requests are treated with complete confidentiality.

listen to the sermon on-line

Remember, if you can't get to Church for any reason, you can still listen to the Sermon by going to The Sermons Page.

future focus

We are holding another open discussion in the Church Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 18th January, and are keen that as many people feel able to attend as possible. This is not just for elders and office bearers, but for everyone who has a stake in how we plan our way forward over the next three years. Please put a note in your diaries, and tell others.

Future Focus discussions identified personal growth, the nature of our worship, and community involvement as three key strands. Our next meeting will discuss the first of these and you are encouraged to come and shape that debate.

As members of Limekilns Church, how do we best achieve spiritual learning?
How do we strengthen our commitment through the sharing of faith?
And how might we benefit from hearing personal testimony, and how might we benefit from hearing personal testimony.

This is clearly an important element of why we are members of the church. Whether you have strong views or feel a bit like Doubting Thomas, your contribution is important. Please come.

Future Focus was a series of meetings held to consider the position of the church in the community and where we would like it to be in the future. If you like, it is a bit of forward planning.

If you want to know more about the Future Focus meetings, you can download the reports for each meeting below.

Rodger Neilson's Village Link article

I have never singled out an article in the Village Link before, but there is one in the Autumn 20150 issue which those involved with the Future Focus initiative might want to read.

It is by Rodger Neilson and is as follows...

  • † A live church has parking problems; a dying church doesn't
  • † A live church has lots of noisy children around; a dying church enjoys peace and quiet
  • † A live church often changes the way things are done to do things better; a dying church doesn't want to change a thing
  • † A live church dreams greater things for God's kingdom; a dying church has nightmares
  • † A live church invites people to risk involvement and tries out new ideas; a dying church plays it safe and never risks anything
  • † A live church supports world mission; a dying church thinks charity begins at home.
  • † A live church uses its traditions and buildings to serve God and people; a dying church uses people to serve its traditions and buildings
  • † A live church worships; a dying church worries
  • † A live church is filled with titters; a dying church is filled with mutters
  • † A live church forgives and seeks forgiveness; a dying church seldom makes mistakes
  • † A live church looks out for challenges and opportunities; a dying church looks out for problems and dangers
  • † A live church evangelises; a dying church fossilises

It's all very well putting out forms and asking people what they think, but similar ideas have been mooted before and nothing has changed. Church numbers have fallen to around half of what we used to get at the New Life Services.

When Crombie Church closed, the reasons mentioned were that older people had died and there were no younger people taking their place. At the time I asked the question, 'Is our church immune to this phenomenon?'

With numbers dropping alarmingly in our church, I ask the question again, 'Is our church immune to this phenomenon?'. Although this time, I think the question is rhetorical!

message from lady martha

Does anyone remember this occasion from November 25th 1954

old pictures from around the village

On The Gallery Page, there are over 100 pictures in total, so have a look at how things used to be in the old days.

There are also pictures taken during the Inside Out Kirk weekend as well as those originally on the 225th Anniversary page.

If you have any pictures you would like to see included in the gallery, please let me know. I can scan them and get them back to you very quickly.

The pictures you see on the right are on a random display setting, so if you refresh the page, you will get another picture.

limekilns church - kirk shop page

There are several items which has been produced for Limekilns Parish Church including Christmas cards and Calendars and more, they can be viewed on The Shop page.

men's club

Men's group
Bayview caravan park 09/14

The Men's Club meet in the church hall every Friday from 2 until 4pm. Come along and share with them. They play pool and dominoes and, so I am told, they even crack the odd joke or three (I'm guessing they're old jokes - The Webmaster).

Men's group
Elgin Hotel 04/15

As you will see from these pictures, they also have days away, and by the looks of things, they aren't too rowdy whilst they are out in public.

further information

If there is anything you thought you would find here but didn't, please email me; my email address is at the bottom of every page.

Also, if you need hints or tips or just information about your PC or its problems, go to The Webmaster's page and if what you want isn't there, email me and I'll try to answer your query.