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Absent Friends

We held a special service to remember those whom we have loved and lost on Sunday 22nd November.

The service was a time of quiet reflection with some readings and songs.

This service was well attended and most, if not all, of those present came through afterwards to the hall for tea/coffee and some cake, and also a time to share with others who experienced something similar.

To Absent Friends: a people's festival of storytelling and remembrance has been set up to encourage people to hold events to remember our friends and family members who have died. We have a national ceremony in November of remembrance for those who have died in conflict but little is done nationally to remember others who were close to us; To Absent Friends aims to do this. Some towns have held concerts or evenings of poetry reading, or simply family get-togethers.

There is a website which will give you more information: www.toabsentfriends.org.uk.

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what is the new life service?

Limekilns church New life band

Since that first New Life Service in December 2006, things rgew steadily and we tried to keep things fresh by having different speakers each time who speak on a variety of subjects, mostly related to their own life or experience. There have been many examples of how being a Christian can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Although many of the songs we do are newer, we don't completely abandon the old songs. We feel there are still a lot of good songs which should not be discarded just because they were not written in the late twentieth century. We constantly provide a good mix of songs but try to do them in a style which suits the feel of the New Life Service.

However, keeping the high standard we set ourselves isn't easy as there are only so many good speakers available. Lately the number attending has dropped considerably so the future of New life is in the balance...