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Holiday Club 2020 - albeit virtual

If you are interested in Virtual Holiday Club, download Bags of Hope for further details.

Morag, Elaine, Norman and I hope you can find time to join us. Whenever it suits you! The video lasts for about 35 minutes. Morag has a challenge for you all and we hope you enjoy being with us!

Any queries call Norman and Karen at the Manse on 872341.

How are your sunflowers coming on? Mine are coming on slowly. I wonder what they will be like at the end of the summer holidays. That is normally when we see them at their best. Did anyone make a windmill? We would love to see any photos of your creations and thanks to Laura and Neave for sending me two lovely photos of their seeds being planted and what they look like now. Well done

We do so look forward to when we can all meet up again in person when we can have fun together doing all our usual activities such as songs, games, crafts and other messy activities, not to forget the eating together and having time to chat.

We talked a lot about Peace and about Prayer in our Messy Church today and I have booklets for both young ones and adults that we would gladly give out to you if you were interested. Please let Norman or me know if you would like them and I will deliver them to you. They are both called Try Praying and you can see them if you look on the Try Praying website: trypraying.co.uk

PS. I realise that for Messy Church I am on for too long, (especially for the children), so please, rather than switch off halfway through, just pause the video and move it forward to when you have Barry singing and playing the guitar. He is then followed by Norman who finishes it all off. Please, Please don't miss out on the ending!