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Village Link magazine

Village Link is a magazine edited by Eileen Kirkpatrick which is produced four times a year, and is delivered free to every house in Limekilns, Charlestown, Crombie and Pattiesmuir. (So reaches an audience of dozens - The Webmaster) All contributions to the magazine are very welcome, whether you have a church connection or not. Anything you want to ask, please don't hesitate to telephone Eileen on 872618 or Church Office on 873337.

Remember, that you can send anything for inclusion to Eileen at any time; in fact it's better to get things in early rather than wait, as you may leave it too late. The editor starts on the magazine a long time before it is due, so if you send a longish article a few days before deadline, it is unlikely there will be enough space for the whole thing; plan ahead wherever possible to avoid disappointment!

A few suggestions...
News of groups or clubs.
Interests, projects, hobbies, forthcoming events/reports on past events.
Points of View, Thanks, Anniversaries, Special birthdays.
Memories, (especially of life in the villages in 'days gone by'.

Eileen Kirkpartick Eileen Kirkpatrick
V L Editor

The Autumn '19 edition has been delivered so you should have your copy by now. However, if you don't get one, or are outwith the catchment area, you can download it free using the links below.

It is worth having a look at the old editions of the Village Link below to see what was going on, and also to see if things which were happening then, have changed at all; there are now 68 to look at and 1,000s people have already downloaded The Village Link. The later editions of the On-Line Village Link have color graphics.

For those who would like an Advert included, please refer to the Ts & Cs below.


The Village Link Magazine now carries a few, select, advertisements. However, there are things you should be aware of when submitting an advert.

The decision to accept an advert will be at the discretion of the editorial team, who will apply a general test that the advert is beneficial to the residents of the parish.
Cost: Full Page £40; Half Page £20; Quarter Page £10.

Ts & Cs for advertisements

So that the Editor can see how the finished ad should look, please send the complete ad in a standard format: e.g. .doc .pdf or .jpg.

Send any images as separate files. BUT avoid unusual formats. Use standard image formats like 'jpg, 'gif or .png. Do not use formats which are specific to an operating system, MAC for example.

Specify which fonts you have used. N.B. if the font is not available a close match will be used.

Limekilns Church is not a professional printing service and does not have access to every font or image format there is. However, the editor will make every effort to match your design.

The editor reserves the right to correct any obvious grammar or punctuation errors; e.g. T's & C's (which should be Ts & Cs), double quotes used for emphasis, all capitals used as emphasis, etc.

downloads of previous editions