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Village Link magazine

Deadline date for submission is Friday 22nd March.

I have managed to get copies of Spring, Summer and Winter from 2002 and have converted them to .pdf files. However, I am missing the Village Link for Autumn 2002. If you have old copies of the Village Link, would you check to see if there is a copy of Autumn 2002, and if so, could I get it to complete the on-line series?

The latest newsletter is available here. The deadline for items in the next edition is Friday 2nd of December. Now that you're here, why not go to the bottom of this page and join the 100s people who have looked at dozens of old issues?

All contributions are very welcome, whether you have a church connection or not, and should be with Eileen before the relevant deadline.
Anything you want to ask? Please don't hesitate to telephone Eileen on 872618. Remember though, that you can send anything for inclusion to Eileen at any time; in fact it's better to get things in early rather than wait, as you may leave it too late.

The editor starts on the magazine a as soon as items start to arrive, so if you send anything only a few days before deadline, it is unlikely there will be enough space for the whole thing; plan ahead wherever possible to avoid disappointment!

It is worth having a look at the old editions of the Village Link below to see what was going on, and also to see if things which were happening then, have changed at all; there are now 70 to look at and 1,000s of people have already downloaded The Village Link. The later editions of the On-Line Village Link have color graphics.

Please DO NOT send the text for an advert in image format; type it out and send it to the editor as text.

If it is important, please specify which fonts you have used. N.B if the font is not available a close match will be used. Limekilns Church is not a professional printing service and does not have access to every font or image format there is. However, the editor will make every effort to match your design.

The editor reserves the right to correct any obvious grammar, spelling or punctuation errors; e.g. T's & C's (which should be Ts & Cs) or emphasizing things with "double quotes", amongst many, many others.

data protection

There is no information included in the Village Link which contravenes the Data Protection Act. Nor is there anything which could be used to steal someone's identity.

You should be aware that by submitting any articles or information for inclusion in The Village Link you are giving permission for such information to be included in the magazine in printed form and also the downloadable version.

While the editor reserves the right to edit any articles to better fit the layout, it should be assumed that they will be included as is.

It is your responsibility to make sure any personal information you do not want in the magazine, both on-line and hard copy, is not included in any item submitted to the editor.

N.B. It is also worth mentioning that, unless you are ex-directory, your telephone number, address, postcode and a map of your location is already available on-line at BT.com. Also, records of births deaths and marriages are available on-line from various sources and in greater detail than is ever included in The Village Link.

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