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Holiday Club 2017 - Mission Rescue

Holiday club flier
Mission Rescue

Holiday Club 2017 will be held in Limekilns Church, and will run from Monday, July 31st to Friday August 4th, and is for youngsters between 5 and 12 years old and we meet from 10-12pm.

Plans are under way to make this a wonderful week where we have fun learning about God's Love and looking at stories from the Bible. We also have fun playing games and challenges, singing songs, doing some crafts and also enjoy a daily drama amongst other things!

I spy with my little eye... Sign up for some detective work using one of the following forms...
Download the form in .pdf format.
Download the form in .doc format.

Can you help with any of the following?...

...provide some baking for the children; and the team members

...help with transforming the Church into a Circus, for instance drawing life size athletes for posters etc. Paint or draw a running track

...play the piano/keyboard/guitar to help with the singing

...help with setting up the materials etc for the craft activities, giving us some inspiration and possible ideas

...help at the door when the children arrive, from 9.50 -10.15

Have you any props, ideas or even circus skills to share with us?

Finally, we need lots of prayer support! Can you pray for the children; the team to be completed and the above jobs to be filled! If there is any way you can help us in this important work please speak to Norman or Karen.


Download a registration form!