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Request for contacts who remember James Thomson

50 years ago - November 25th 1954

Does anyone remember the former Headmaster of Limekilns School, James Thomson?

James outside Gardener's cottage
James outside Gardener's Cottage

Mr. Andrew Domanski sent this information to Lady Martha to see if anyone in the Villages remembers his father, Romuald Domanski, a friend of the Thomson family, who married Catherine Thomson.

(I have been in touch with Andrew and he asked me to add the following... - The Webmaster)

'Andrew now lives in Philadelphia, USA, and his mother lives in France.

My father came to Limekilns in the early 40s and was part of the camp of Polish soldiers in the woods above Limekilns. He came down to the schoolhouse to see if someone might be able to help with English lessons for the Polish troops, and so he met my mother. They married soon after, and had 5 children, Michael, David, Marlena, Pat, and lastly me, Andrew, who all, except for me, spent some of their childhood in Limekilns.'

The earl of Elgin was among those who paid tribute to the qualities of James Thomson, who at that the time, was due to retire as headmaster of Limekilns school after nearly 20 years.

Presentaion of the TV
Presentation of TV

A presentation ceremony was held for him in the school assembly hall, where he was presented with a television set on behalf of his pupils. Lord Elgin, whose son David had been one of Mr. Thomson's pupils, said the Dysart-born man had been an invaluable member of the community and was glad to have him as a neighbour

below are some pictures andrew supplied from the old days

You may well remember someone of that era. If you do or have information about this, please .

Limekilns School 1951
Limekilns School 1951
Limekilns School 1951
Dunfermline High School 1938-39
Limekilns School 1951
Charlestown Scouts dooking for apples c1937
Limekilns School 1951
The School House pre-WWII

if you have any information you can pass on.