. · • Limekilns Parish Church - 225th Anniversary • · .

'The Dunfermline Journal' reported on Saturday, November 18th, 1882.

A CONGREGATIONAL SOIREE was held in the church, in connection with the centenary, on Monday evening. The Right Hon. The Earl of Elgin occupied the chair; and was accompanied on the platform by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Brown, Glasgow; Rev. Messrs Young, Newington, Edinburgh; Wilson, Drymen; J. G. Crawford, Limekilns; Graham, Crossgates; Brown, Lochgelly; Fleming, Inverkeithing; Moir, Cairneyhill; Russell, Alexander, Dunbar, George and Binns, Dunfermline. There was a very large crowd in attendance, the church being crowded in every part.

On November, 18th, there was a buffet lunch, after the morning services, which was followed by a little entertainment; Among the performers were Duggie 'The Organist' Kerr, Marcia 'The GasMan' McDougall, Barry 'The Webmaster' McDougall, John 'The Lawman' Fotherthingham, Michael Orr, Keith Mason, Ian Humphris, Fiona Stoddart, Mary Donnelly and Janet Stoddart.

Who are these children? read on

Davie Elder with his donkey and cart
Right to Left
Davie, Edward, Andrew, Jean, Martha and Gubbins

In a speech at the 100th celebration of Limekilns Church, in 1882, the then Lord Elgin, Victor Alexander, said, "Who can tell what our grandchildren may be doing 100 years from now".

Well here are his son Edward and three grand children being given a ride by Davie Elder and his famous donkey and cart.

Andrew - the present Lord Elgin - a member of Limekilns Church has been National President of the Boys Brigade and also Lord High Comissioner at the general assembly of the Church of Scotland twice.
Jean attended Limekilns Church as a child and, since marriage, has been an elder and session clerk of Forteviot Parish Church.
Martha is a member and elder of Limekilns Church and has also been clerk to the board.
Sitting in the cart is Martha's doll, "Gubbins" Gubbins was heavily involved with the campaign to give dolls the vote, which ultimately failed - her present wherabouts are unknown! (I made that bit up as I didn't want Gubbins to feel insignificant in comparison - The Webmaster)

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