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Limekilns Parish Church can be found at 8 Church Street, Limekilns, KY11 3HT.

The Parish of Limekilns extends to the villages of Charlestown, Pattiesmuir and Crombie. We are a rural parish set on the banks of the Forth, within three miles of Dunfermline, Ancient Capital of Scotland and birthplace of Andrew Carnegie. The church has a close relationship with the Broomhall Estate which still has many interests in the area, and we are indebted to Lord Elgin for his fascinating description of Our History.

Limekilns Church entrance

Lord Elgin was a significant supporter of our recent building works which have transformed our Sanctuary. With open space, modern technology and underfloor heating, our Church is now a much more flexible place to serve our community.

Church life has been re-energised by our new space, and the relocation of the office to the front of the building allows our doors to be open, and the building more available.

Our Mission - Gathering to Worship, Going Out to Serve, Sharing God's Love, underwrites what we aspire to achieve. In reviews of our priorities we have determined to focus on Personal Growth and Learning, Increasing our engagement with the community, and committing to our young people.

We are an outward looking church, recognising the wealth of opportunity that exists in our parish and in our community, and intent of helping others where we can. Beyond our standing contributions to the Ministry and Mission work of the Church of Scotland, the church or individual members have made contributions to Fair Trade, the Imkerhof Community in Africa, Mercy Ships, and through special collections at our Communion Services to those in need locally and around the world.