Church of Scotland Pentecost service

Congregations across Scotland will be joining together, remotely, for a special Pentecost service on 31st May at 10am.
Join this service by following this link.


Messy Church is back - albeit virtual

There are items available at the manse in relating to the latest Messy Church.
More on this...

The Villages Sunflower Challenge

Limekilns Messy Church invite you to take up the Sow a Sunflower Challenge!
In April we would have been looking at the Parable of the Mustard seed. Norman has done a recording in conjunction with this item, which you can hear via this link; The Mustard Seed More about this item...

Old photos from around the villages

I have put up a page with nearly 200 very old pictures from around the villages. You can see them now on the Gallery page.

Anagrams and other things to do in lockdown...

Try these. Anagrams of Pop Groups and/or Singers musician-anagrams.pdf. OOPS! I made an error with the last item on the list, please download this corrected version. Identify the bands pictured here, bands.xls. Identify the people pictured here as cartoons, people.xls. Save these to your computer; you'll need Microsoft Excel to open them.

Norman's recordings

Norman is making a recording each week in place of the usual service and you can listen to these, as well as previous services, on the recordings page.

Life during Lockdown

On Sunday morning the Church is a strange place in these strange days. It is quite odd to be in a place that should be alive with people. Monday to Saturday Limekilns Church is where it always is: spread throughout the parish and beyond.

In worship and service the Church is much more than an hour on a Sunday. As a modern hymn puts it:

    The Church is not a building,
    the church is not a steeple,
    the Church is not a resting-place,
    the Church is a people!

For this time of social distancing we gather together in our separate places for worship and go to serve as best we can in new and different ways. In worship, prayer and service we continue to obey Jesus command to love God with all we are and to love others to the best of our ability.
Norman Grant, (Minister).

Limekilns Church